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Nov. 17th, 2010

The Myth must be rewritten

I've just finished watching The Myth and I have all kinds of objections to The Ending! Which is why I feel that it is my Moral Obligation to ignore that depressing ending and just have one that I can properly enjoy and justifies the excellent 49 episodes that preceded that final 50th one. Now if only I had any idea what kind of ending I want, then I could write it! So here it is, I'm embarking on another story where I don't know where it will go, which I NEVER DO!

The Myths Not Yet Told

His bones ached in a way that he was now familiar with, but his age yet sat uncomfortably on him. Two thousand years of unending youth, it wears on a person's soul, but his body had suffered not a whit. Now however, his body was taking the full brunt of age.

He wondered once again why he had chosen to live, and remembered once again his own two thousand year old principle - that human life was irreplaceable and no one had the right to steal it away. Even if it were your own. A cough swelled up from his chest, a dry hacking cough that he could not control, and his body could no longer heal from. This was age then, the loss of the immortality he had once taken for granted, even before he was truly immortal.

Yu Shu had been gone two years now. He had read the book and watched the movie that had been created out of their story, and smiled at how he had become myth himself. Myth and history. What would become of him now? After two thousand years of living, and witnessing two thousand years of human history, he had enough. He had his place in history, too much for a single man, if truth be told. He had lived, and cried and laughed and loved, too much too, if truth be told. But he would choose to live another thousand years, if only he had Yu Shu to live with. Even knowing that he would witness another thousand years of human history, and the atrocities that came with time.

He scrambled for balance as a young man slammed into his right side, and he was spinning downward onto the ground. The young man barely turned back in apology before he ran on, but Xiao Chuan couldn't take offence when a group of eight neatly dressed men chased after him. They looked like they were after blood. Although he could no longer take down the eight bullies, he was certainly capable of hampering a few of them, and with a few seemingly innocent moves, fell one and slowed down another two. He sat on top of the one, moaning about the state of society these days, and how youngsters no longer respected the elderly, and generally attracting quite as much attention as he could, whilst deftly picking his pocket. Let him explain to the police his lack of identification when they came to pick him up. Xiao Chuan easily melted into the crowd when the police arrived, and watched as a few civic minded bystanders volunteered to be witness to the perpetrators' assault on an elderly citizen.

He sauntered down the road, feeling just the slightest bit smug about himself in a way that he hadn't felt in the last two years, when a long arm reached out of the shadows of a side street and pulled him down into the vestibule of an old building that was slated for demolition. Xiao Chuan's eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of the young man's face as he ran through a shaft of light from the remains of a roof that had once stood firm against a typhoon. "Meng Tian?"


Nov. 3rd, 2010

SKKS Fanfiction

I feel a burning need to write SKKS fanfiction, and really need to start with Chosun and Insoo's continuing story, because for all that I adore Jaeshin and Yongha's bromance, it seems that they have a more plausible future here. No title yet, nor anything more than a few paragraphs, a work-in-progress.... I present my Cho-Soo love story. Who knows where it will go and where it will end up...

The small house was quiet when In Soo stepped through the door, the fire banked and the windows closed, as if for a long time. His grip tightened on the door as his heart raced in fear. No, she couldn't have. She couldn't have left. She didn't leave. Just as she hadn't left the first time he found the house empty. Just as she hadn't left the second time he had found the house empty, nor the third nor the fourth. He fought the fear as his face tightened with tension.

"You look angry," Chosun commented, her words breaking the absolute silence as she gracefully stepped into her home, "Is anything the matter?"

He cast his eyes downwards, so that she might not read the fear in his eyes, as she so frequently and accurately read him, and merely smirked, and replied, "Must something be wrong, for me to be angry? Sometimes, I merely enjoy being contrary."

"Ahhh... then it must be your father," Chosun was as skilled in reading between the lines as she was in reading his facial giveaways.

Oct. 25th, 2010

Always There

I need to learn how to write summaries.... I've read some seriously cool taglines on some seriously abominable stories. And sometimes it amazes me how the ability to write good summaries and taglines just don't equal the ability to write good stories. And although I can't say that my stories are any good, they're a hella lot better than my summaries!

Anyways, more posting of old stories that I'm slowly finding from places that I've posted from years and years and years ago. I'm only looking for stories that I liked, so I've only a handful - maybe two or three, so this is probably the last of it. This is one of a series that I tried to create using DBSK song titles but this was my favourite and the only one worth keeping

Title: Always There
Pairing: Besties Eunhyuk and Junsu


Always thereCollapse )

Oct. 23rd, 2010

From Here to Eternity

Even in death, their love remains. Jaejoong's gone, but Yunho can't let go.

Author's Notes: I remember writing the first chapter in ten minutes, but the second, shorter chapter took twenty. Does not bode well for the third one.

Chapter 1  : Unforgotten
Chapter 2 : UnforgivenCollapse )

Oct. 13th, 2010

things are sweeter when they're lost...

When my hard drive crashed and took EVERYTHING with it, including all the unfinished bits of writing I'd been doing I just kinda lost the willpower to rewrite it. But after reading Sekushiai's amazing Melody of Ours, I was just reminded of and desperately missing an old fic of mine, From Here To Eternity, which after much searching I'd found that I'd cross-posted at jaeho_detox! And their archives are incredible!

So, I'm posting it here for my own easy reference with minor changes, as I finally got the impetus to start writing again recently!
From Here To EternityCollapse )

Oct. 1st, 2010

Plunny of the Year

the plunny i most want to attack though, is this one that's been floating around my head for the longest time. It is, also, the one that I'm finding the most difficult because its gonna be a huge cast, and I hate keeping track of so many characters and keeping it consistent is sooooo difficult for me.

And the title is an obvious reference to one of the mothers for this plunny!

Big Bang Love, Juvenile Be.

in a world of overpopulation, where heterosexuality is not so much illegal but strictly controlled and where all births are closely monitored, and homosexual relationships are the norm. the lure of the forbidden. it is in every way an unusual post-apocalyptic civilisation, because it is not barren nor militarised, but a normal semi-socialist economy, with strong cultural and artistic development.

Riku And Ichiyo

This story is gonna get bigger, I just know it. I'm a sucker for my own characters that way.

the story of riku and ichiyo

a history spanning before their time, from their father's time and their father's fathers
how long ichiyo's family has been in service for riku, but here, reversed because riku's father, the unseen Goku has fallen in unseemly love with ichiyo's father, a hospital director who is strict in his requirements for his son.

and because of this strange reversal, Goku has always been especially kind to Ichiyo, much to Riku's dismay and disappointment and envy. He begins his subtle insinuation into Ichiyo's psyche, from that young age.

"Do you know what it is that our fathers do when they enter my papa's study?"

In the simplest and wisest of ways, Ichiyo understood that Riku's papa was kind to him and Riku was not always kind to him. And in the wisest of ways, Ichiyo ran away. Riku did not give chase. However, Ichiyo couldn't always run away, as they grew up, and Riku grew bigger and stronger and faster and taller then him. Riku's papa was still kind to him, and truth be told, much favoured the sweet-smiling child over his own beautifully stern faced child, who was so much like his unwanted wife. But just as Riku's papa favoured Ichiyo, but Ichiyo's papa much preferred the stoic child that Riku had become, seeing in Riku so much of himself that he would have claimed Riku for his own if he could.

Their fates should have bound them closer, and did, albeit in such different ways. Riku grew stronger and more stubborn for the lack of love whilst Ichiyo grew more and more dependant on it, like a drug.

"Ichiyo, do you know what my papa likes best?"

Three years ago, a wiser Ichiyo had run away at a similar question, but three years later, an innocent Ichiyo shook his head dumbly and asked, "What, Riku?"

"He likes your papa best." Ichiyo considered that response and nodded; he could understand anyone liking his papa best, although Riku's papa was very nice also.

"And do you know what your papa likes best?"

The three-years-later Ichiyo knew the answer to this though.. "I think papa likes Riku best."

Riku curled his lips. "Then do you know who I like best?"

Ichiyo thought about it for a long minute, but this bold boy who seemed only to enjoy hurting him didn't seem capable of liking anyone, although he didn't want to say it to his face. So he shook his head.

"I think that I like Ichiyo best. Because if I don't then no one will like Ichiyo best. And then Ichiyo will be very lonely."

Ichiyo was very wide eyed at this pronouncement. Many years later, he would remember thinking that Riku was kinder then he thought possible. Many years later, he would wonder how he could ever have doubted that Riku. And so Ichiyo, faced with this statement he least wanted to confront in his life, in the face of this bold boy, who always hurt him the most, cried. Riku, confronted with a crying child didn't know what to do. Ichiyo had always been the sad eyed child who seemed just short of crying, never once crying, despite his sincerest efforts otherwise.

He reached out one hesitant hand to pat the wet eyed boy on his dark head. "You're mine now. OK? So don't cry."

Ichiyo cried all the harder and Riku's papa emerged from his study to see what the commotion was about. Ichiyo looked particularly pathetic, and was still just small enough to sit on his lap till his sobs subsided.

still uncast... as yet

This plot bunny was originally inspired by a craving to put Zac Efron and Chace Crawford together, because they are both such exemplary models of boyish golden beauty. Then, I lost interest, because I just wasn't enmeshed in that fandom enough, so I tried to recast it with Jaejoong and Yunho, but it's not clicking either. I'm trying to see if it'll work with Jang Geun Seok and Noh Min Woo next... I'm not sure if I actually really want Minwoo for this character, nor Jang Geun Seok, but I'm watching Gumiho right now, and Minwoo keeps making me want to rewrite his character! And JGS because ... well, he's pretty enough, I s'pose. It's finally hit me who Noh Min Woo reminds me of - Haruma Miura. They both have that same wax sculpture beauty that is just a little bit too perfect for words....... So, maybe this combo?


Virgin Beauty.


It is difficult to envision,
in life, two faces with such
shining brows and bluest depths
aloft in the same sky.

such a glow alight his brow and
such a light aglow his crown

Two friends, one blind and one deaf. They grew up together, in a world of darkness and silence, inhabited mostly by only the two of them. Their families had abandoned them to a small village in rural scotland. Min Woo, deaf, but able to create the most beautiful paintings, with his hands and with his words and his imagination. Geun Seok, blind. But able to create the most beautiful music. And both imperfect. But so beautiful. Leaving behind a legacy of beauty unprecedented.

Woman's voice, deep.

In a world where perfection is the only acceptable standard, then any imperfection shalt be cast out into the world of others. And it is into this world that MinWoo shall first meet Geun Seok.

Geun Seok was small for his age, and not yet truly blind, but so close to it as not to matter. He would be celebrating his tenth birthday in two days, and was waiting for Yunho on the dark rock that felt mossy beneath his hands. It was green in the light and black in the dark, but felt just the same beneath his hands at any time. He could see a shining light bobbing up the hill, streaking so fast that it could only be Min Woo. He wanted to shout at him to slow down but it would be no use, for Min Woo would not hear him in the constant wind that carried away voices before he could hear them.

Runt of the Mill

I know the title is incredibly stupid, but it's still a work in progress and I'm just banging out ideas for this little plot bunny that was in my head a while back... I might continue and I might not. Who's to know?


PARK SHIN YANG and PARK SHI HOO as chaebol second and third generation competitors fighting to get controlling interest in another company which is being held together by Oh Yeon Soo. She demonstrates great resourcefulness in holding her father's company together as well as a craftiness that makes her the equal to both Park Shin Yang and Park Shi Hoo.

This is a story about the fighting over the jewel in the crown of the Kim family, and knowing the true jewel? Is it the woman or the company that they want... more? Is it possible to have both? Will it possible to have either? Will she let them? It's a story about these two young men becoming friends despite the ongoing war between the two companies and their transcending their families and thoughts and beliefs.

Park Shin Yang is a second generation chaebol and has watched his father work hard his entire life and died working hard. Thus he is envious of how Park Shi Hoo had the opportunity to let his father retire to enjoy his old age whilst he could only let his father work to his death. However, his father had always taught him the value of hard work and how it is not shameful to have worked hard in life.

Park Shi Hoo is a third generation chaebol who has had it easy his entire life. He smiles easily despite his ability to be entirely ruthless at work.

Oh Yeon Soo is a woman who has created a company from nothing. She is the daughter of a disabled man and woman who could not have children and was resigned to that fact, but after finding this child who had been abandoned by her parents and scrabbling in the streets for food, took her in and loved her as their own. Thus she realised how tough the world could be and how good the people who populate it. She is incredibly intelligent and charismatic, and wins a scholarship to study law. She impresses people with her drive to help people, especially the disabled and the elderly, and is nominated to become the nation's youngest welfare minister.

However, because she is an orphan, and a political lightweight, as well as being young, female and unmarried, her party decides to field an older, male married candidate (who fails in his candidacy!! haha!). She does not take this as a setback and instead sets out to create a full blown industry to accommodate the elderly and the disabled, by petitioning the government for funds to create a centre of excellence including a hospital, a retirement home and a venture fund allowing the less privileged to generate income and businesses. Over the course of ten years, she becomes the well-connected influential person that she was not 10 years ago when she first ran to become welfare minister.


Wow, thinking about it, its my first non-DBSK Korean peopled fiction. And its not even truly fanfiction. More like a hand at drama writing!

I've forgotten how to do this........

I've fallen through the cracks of the Dongbang fandom. But I'm trying to get back in, so that I can finish my one and only epic fanfic... So this is practice...

Inspired by the drama, and Taera and the namesake Bad Guy.

I've forgotten how to make a cut, so I'm gonna have to go relearn as well! Which is why I'm having a trial post!

Bad GuyCollapse )

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